Commonly Asked Stem Cell Questions:

1.) What type of stem cells are utilized at your facility?
         Mesenchymal stem cells from amniotic tissue.

2.) How do you know that the stem cells go into the joint?
        We utilize ultrasound guided injections for accuracy.

3.) How do you know if the stem cells are compatible with my body?
The stem cells are from C-sections, the placenta does not mix with the blood of the mother and there is no issue with compatibility with amniotic tissue. There has never been a reported case of an adverse reaction with stem cells in America.

4.) How long will this last?
The stem cells are injected into your joint and attach to your cartilage; they become your cells, so in essence this will last forever. We cannot control the normal wear and tear process and your lifestyle, so that is the only variable.

5.) What lab do you use for your stem cells?

6.) Are stem cells FDA approved?
      No, but the process is approved by FDA-TRG, the FDA tissue reference group. Stem cells are not a food or drug, like supplements they are not regulated by the FDA.

7.) When do you re-x-ray for progress?
       Within 6 to 9 months.

8.) How long does the regeneration process take?
        The stems will replicate for up to 6 months.

9.) When do I start feeling pain relief?
  The stem cells have an anti-inflammatory component; therefore pain relief is usually experienced within the first week.

10.) Can you harvest my stem cells?
         No, in America this is not allowed.

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