-Allergy Vaccination

-Stem Cell Therapy (regenerative injection treatments)

-Hormone Replacement Therapy

-Hypo/Hyper Thyroid Treatment

-Plus so much more

These are some of the many issues that can be addressed by naturopathic care, with the premier benefit being a longer life with great health. Naturopathic medicine aims to address and cure the point of disease, and not cover it up.

Our Clinic specializes in
hormone therapy, utilizing our approved on-site apparatus, giving you the most effective and accurate treatments available.
Happy words from our patient:

"I wanted to thank you Dr. Speidel. I came to you in need of help without knowing what was wrong. I was gaining weight no matter how much I dieted. I felt exhausted frequently but was not sleeping well at all. What normally was a simple walk and normal exercise became a difficult. You were a total professional and I felt like I could just trust you. On the first of January you gave me a program to follow. I have since lost 20lbs. I am alert throughout the entire day! I sleep very well without waking up in the middle of the night and I can bring back some running without much trouble. I am looking forward to doing more with you! Thank you very much!" -sj

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