Are You Currently Experiencing...


  • Chronic joint pain, swelling and/or inflammation?

  • Torn ligaments and work, personal, or sports-related injuries?

  • Damaged Articular Cartilage from injury or normal wear and tear?


  • Ailing knees?

  • Shoulder issues from constant motion and stress every day?

  • Pain from knee, shoulder or hip injuries?

  • Degenerative arthritis (Osteoarthritis)?


Tired of dealing with constant joint pain? Schedule a free consultation and see how our state-of-the-art treatments will get you back to living the pain-free life you deserve.


Rejuvenate Your Joints – Without Surgery




Regenerative medicine therapy also known as stem cell injections is the process of isolating regenerative cells  and reintroducing them into the body where they can help rejuvenate areas of your body. Localized treatments can help with your shoulder, knee, wrist, and any other joint pain. Stem Cell injections improve quality of life and while every patient is different, most see results within days to a couple of months of receiving injections.





 Stem Cell Injections


How does it work?


   Every joint and most tissues contain stem cells. The stem cells are responsible for maintaining help in each specific location. Degeneration of tissues and joints occur when the stem cell population depletes and the structure loses the ability to heal. Stem cell therapy is an attempt to return the stem cells to the tissues or joints, optimally restoring the ability to heal.


How many treatments are needed and how often will I receive them?


    Overall experiences has shown that towards the one-year mark after an HUCT/PRP combo treatment, about half of patients have had 75% or better improvement, and half have had 60%-75% improvement and request a second treatment. Once our patients are where they want to be, most people will require tune-up treatments every 2 to 6 years.



What are the risks of the procedures?


    Due to the fact that Stem cells are derived from the human body there are very little risks involved. You will likely be sore up to a couple of days after the procedure but that is not a risk, it’s a side effect. Infection can be a possibility but we have yet to see that happen as well. Regenerative therapy is a more conservative approach to treating pain, unlike surgery which may help or make things worse

Does Insurance Cover?


   Unfortunately, no, insurance does not cover Stem Cell Injections



Plasma Rich Platelets



PRP injections- are prepared with the patient’s own blood with strict sterilized technique. After being centrifuged, the activated platelets are injected into the damaged area, releasing growth factors that recruit and increase the production of reparative cells. The risk of side effects is limited due to utilizing the patient’s own blood for injections.

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