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Allergy Shot??

Need Supplements??

Please stay in your car. Call us to let us know you are here; we will be out to give you your shot.

Call and give us the list of supplements you need along with your debit/credit card number. We will place them in white box outside to the right of door labeled supplements.


Tips to help strengthen your immune system:

  • Vitamin D 10,000 IU

  • Vitamin C 3,000 mg

  • Vitamin A 10,000 IU

  • Epicor Immunity 1 daily

  • Zinc Picolinate 30 mg 1 daily

  • Avoid OTC meds; Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.

  • Reduce sugar

We are testing for Covid-19.

We are testing for Covid-19 antibodies.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Speidel today to get ahead of the allergy season! Cure your allergies and live WITHOUT those dreadful yearly symptoms.


Allergy Immunotherapy is a PAID treatment through your insurance company even Medicare!







What is an allergy shot?


Allergy shots are a form of treatment called immunotherapy. Each allergy shot contains a tiny amount of the specific substance or substances that trigger your allergic reactions.


         Do allergy shots really work?


Allergy shots work like a vaccine. Your body responds to injected amounts of a particular allergen, given in gradually increasing doses, by developing immunity or tolerance to the allergen.  This involves receiving injections with increasing amounts of the allergens about one to two times per week.


           Do allergy shots have steroids in them?

And allergy shots do not contain steroids, which can have adverse long-term side effects. Unlike allergy medicines, which act only to “cover up” allergic symptoms or prevent them temporarily, allergy shots fix the underlying problem of allergies.


         Do allergy shots have side effects?

Our policy is to have you wait in our clinic for 30 after your shot to make sure you don't get side effects like itchy eyes, shortness of breath, a runny nose, or a tight throat. If you get these symptoms after you leave, come back to our clinic. Redness, swelling, or irritation right around the site of the injection is normal.


            Are allergy injections safe?

Immunotherapy is generally safe and well tolerated, but like all medical treatment has some risk. Since immunotherapy uses natural extracts of the very things to which a person is allergic, it can cause allergic reactions. Most such reactions are localized but they can be generalized.


         Can allergy shots cause you to gain weight?

No, allergy shots are not known to be associated with weight gain. On the other hand, some allergy medications are. If you are taking antihistamines on a regular basis, they may be contributing to your weight gain, as some of them are known to increase appetite


         How long should you wait after an allergy shot?

 Most serious systemic reactions develop within 30 minutes of allergy shots. This is why we have you wait in our clinic for 30 minutes after your injections.


         What are the side effects of allergy shots?

Systemic reactions are less common but potentially more serious. You may develop sneezing, nasal congestion or hives. In our clinic we test the strength of the dilution in order to avoid any unpleasant reactions.


       How often do you have to take allergy shots?

You have to continue to get shots one or two times per week for several months.  This is so that your immune system can build up a tolerance to the allergen over time. The process is called desensitization.



       How long do you have to wait to notice improvement?

Some patients will notice an early improvement of symptoms within several weeks during the buildup phase, but it may take as long as 6 to 12 months on the maintenance dose to see a significant improvement. The effectiveness of immunotherapy is related to the strength of allergy vaccines and the length of treatment.

      Is Allergy Immunotherapy covered by insurance?


YES, YES and YES! Even Medicare pays for this therapy! Call our office with your insurance information and we will check your benefits before your appointment.  

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